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Bank of America: time to sell stocks

Bank of America: time to sell stocks


What happened?

Bank of America has tracked signs of the upcoming stock market crash. The bank said that investors’ optimism over global recovery has pushed stocks to too high levels. BoA was keeping an eye on what share of stocks in the overall portfolios investment banks recommended their clients to have. It turned out that the current average level has reached 59%, which is really close to the risky 60%. As a result, BoA claimed that it’s time to sell up as historically most of the time stocks start falling when this 60% threshold is crossed. 

China forecasts stocks’ drop

Not only Bank of America, but also China warned about bubble risks, which may lead to stocks’ falling. Central banks all over the world have to decide: when and how to reduce support as countries have started recovering. China cautioned that US and European stock markets are too high these days. And the overbought position of stocks in combination with the inevitable rate increase in the future may press stocks down.

What does it mean for a trader?

The good news for FBS traders is that they can make both buy and sell trades. So a trader doesn’t need to hold already an asset to sell it. Thus, traders have a chance to profit in case of either outcome. If all the things BoA forecasts are true, it means that more expensive and at-risk stocks will fall, while so-called value stocks will survive. 

A value stock refers to shares that are at a lower price relative to their fundamentals. Just recently, Warren Buffett bought back $24 billion worth of Berkshire Hathaway stock. It’s a sign that big players start investing in value stocks. Moreover, Goldman Sachs advised paying attention to cheap-looking value stocks, which have a higher potential to grow in the current circumstances. For example, General Motors, Ford, Visa. 

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