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How to start trading on Forex?


So, you want to become a Forex trader – be your own boss, trade currencies and stocks, make your money work. The natural question is: “Where do I start?”. We prepared a short guide! Below you will find several steps to embark on your journey to becoming a trading expert.


Trading Plan. All the Essentials

Trading Plan-01.png

Why planning is crucial on Forex and what will happen if you have none.

It seems like in such a complex area as trading with all its peculiarities, including numerous strategies, orders, and instruments, people have to appreciate planning. However, this expectation is far from reality. For some traders, making a plan is just a waste of time because they think they are gurus of keeping everything in mind and coping with their emotions right in the market. It is a common mistake, and we would like to explain why.


Market Fluctuation: Key Tips for Trading in a Fluctuating Market


Myth - randomness

Have you ever observed nature? Many things, such as the trajectory of a bee, may seem random.  At the same time, they are not – there is nothing random in nature. They appear random only because you don’t know the reasons that push this or that object in a certain direction. Normally, the brain can’t comprehend when too many things happen simultaneously – just like in the market.

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