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JPMorgan's Q1'2021 earnings beat expectations!

JPMorgan's Q1'2021 earnings beat expectations!



JPMorgan just reported its Q1'2021 results. Here they are:

  • EPS: $4.5 per share against $3.1 expected;
  • Revenue: $33.12bln against $30.52bln expected.

What does it mean

Strictly speaking, JPMorgan did well and surpassed the forecasts. If these figures were the only impact factor for its stock price, the latter wouldn't hesitate to rise - and very probably, it will happen once the US market session opens. 

However, the webcast (which takes place at 14:30 MT time today April 14) that'll contain the details of the report and provide the overlook on the banking sector and the US economy will put JPM's performance in context of the situation. Depending on these details, observers will be:

  • Enthusiastic about the industry overlook and inspired about the company projections - JPM's stock will rise then;
  • Or, their optimism will be limited by the possible concerns about the US economic recovery and the banking sector in particular - in this case, the stock price growth will be muted, or a slight drop will happen.

What do you do

Ideally, you should've made your bet already. Entering the market during the market open, especially right after an earning report is quite risky - although, it does bring a profit potential as well due to expectedly higher fluctuation.

If you haven't entered a position on JPM yet, here are one of the two action plans for you:

1. You listen to the webcast and understand where everything goes.

If it's undoubted optimism, the stock will likely rise as soon as the market opens. If you want to take your chance on the fluctuation, be ready to open a buy position in a matter of one-two minutes once the stock starts trading as it will likely rise quickly.Don't forget to put the Take Profit and Stop Loss!

  • Trade idea 1, bullish/optimistic: buy at market; TP $160 - SL $152
  • Trade idea 2, bullish/optimistic: buy at market; TP $161/162 - SL $150.

2. You listen to the webcast and understand where the stock will likely go - and wait for it to do the move.

If it drops, you pick it up at the local low. If it leaps, you wait until it cools off, and sell at the high. 

                                                 That's all possible in FBS Trader!


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