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Nike dropped on Xinjiang cotton statements

Nike dropped on Xinjiang cotton statements


What happened?

Such big brands as H&M and Nike are facing a boycott in China after they have expressed concerns about cotton produced in Xinjiang. It’s said that the human rights of Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities were violated in the region in the so-called "re-education" camps. Thus, large brands went up against the use of forced labor for cotton production in Xinjiang. Actually, this story has started almost a year ago, but only this week it provoked hype.

What is China’s response?

China’s state broadcaster CCTV blamed H&M, Nike, and other brands by saying: "earning big profits in China but attacking the country with lies at the same time". While US-based companies are stopping getting cotton from Xinjiang, Chinese companies in contrast have begun advertising their use of cotton made in Xinjiang. 

Market reaction

Nike dropped to lows unseen since November of the last year. The price has approached the 200-day moving average of $124.00. If it manages to break below this level, the way down to October’s low of 2020 at $120.00 will be open. As we all know, after the big fall inevitably goes the rise. Thus, investors will closely watch for further price movement as the reverse up may come soon. If Nike jumps above the psychological mark of $130.00, the way up to the next round number of $135.00 will be open. 


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