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PayPal, GM, Booking, Moderna: stocks react to reports

PayPal, GM, Booking, Moderna: stocks react to reports


PayPal: not good enough

PayPal brought an EPS of $1.22 vs. $1.01 and revenue of $6.03 vs $5.90 beating the market expectations. Also, the CEO of the company announced that they are moving towards a digital wallet that’ll allow crypto asset transfers. Nevertheless, the forecast-beating data and the new market expansion plan were not enough to push the stock through the local resistance level or even make it come closer to $275. The price is trebling above the local support of $245, below all the MAs, and doesn’t seem exactly bullish at the moment.


GM: beating and winning

General Motors performed far better than PayPal against the forecasts. The estimation of the market was an EPS of $1.04 and revenue of $32.67. While the actual revenue was $32.47, the EPS resulted to be $2.25 –more than twice as much as the market expected. That impressed observers enough to make the stock bounce off the local lows of $55 and make it cross all the MAs challenging local highs. The all-time high of $63 is now a feasible target for bulls.


Booking: battered by the virus

Booking Holdings was having a different struggle during the first quarter of the year. As the travel was most hit by the virus, observers were expecting a loss in line with the industry-wide damage. Booking managed to report losses less than the market estimates: an EPS of -$5.26 was brought against the expectation of -$5.97, and revenue of $1.24B beat the forecast of $1.2B. Despite the positivity of the report, the stock price did not rise nor did it even stay afloat around $2340 when the report was out. Instead, it dropped to $2260 reflecting the disappointment of investors and presenting a fragile short-term outlook.


Moderna: a sudden plunge

Moderna’s plunge was spectacular. It beat the EPS expectation of $2.6 with the actual figure of $2.84 but revenue missed the target: $1.94B vs a greater forecast of $2.23B. Apparently, the disappointment was big enough to make the stock price plunge to $145 erasing gains of the last three weeks. Although it quickly recovered some of the losses rising to $160, the resistance zone of the all-time highs of $188 is far away once again.


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