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Pfizer, EA, Google, Amazon: earnings overview

Pfizer, EA, Google, Amazon: earnings overview


Pfizer: missing now, betting for later

With an EPS of $0.42, the pharma giant missed the mark of $0.50 expected by Wall Street. The revenue of the Q4’2020 was just slightly above the projected $11.5bln. Together, these figures produced a weak impression and made the stock price drop. At the same time, the company announced strong sales of the Covid-19 vaccine that are supposed to contribute to a very strong performance in Q1’2020 – that’s for the long-term targeting, though. So far, the stock is down.


Google: a winner in the room

23% is how much better Alphabet’s Q4’2020 earnings were compared to those a year ago. The company showed a $46.43bln figure as the quarter revenue. The core of the success was the company’s advertising business: YouTube did 46% better than a year ago. Quite logically, the market observers were very much amused by these achievements that pushed the stock price by 7%.  


Amazon: a glorious bye-bye

An EPS of $14.09 was brought against the expected $7.23 while the revenue of $125.56bln beat the forecast of $119.7. It hardly could’ve been better, could it? Well, not only Amazon the largest quarterly revenue ever, but its famous CEO Jeff Bezos is now an ex-CEO: he hands over the post to Andy Jassy, the head of Amazon Web Services. The latter is the core of the financial success of Amazon now. The stock moved to a higher movement channel with a resistance level of 3 420.


Electronic Arts: future in the video gaming

Quite expectedly, Electronic Arts made good sales in the previous quarter as more people stayed at home preferring to spend some time gaming. The prospects are also positive for EA as the video-gaming industry is enjoying high demand projections. From $146 to $150 – that was the price performance of this stock yesterday which nevertheless ceded some of the gains at the end.


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