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The ECB Interest Rate Decision: insights for the euro

The ECB Interest Rate Decision: insights for the euro


What will happen? 

The European Central Bank is holding a meeting on April 22 at 14:45 MT time. As usual, we will learn about the European economic outlook and monetary policy conducted by the bank. The statement will be followed by the press conference with ECB President Christine Lagarde. The recent news from the ECB was quite optimistic. According to one of the ECB members, French Governor Villeroy, the regulator will likely end the pandemic emergency purchase program within a year. It does not mean an immediate tightening of the European monetary policy, but it means that the massive crisis stimulus could be replaced by softer accommodative tools.

How to trade on the ECB Interest Rate Decision?

During the meeting, we recommend you follow the comments on the PEPP’s destiny and the Q&A session with Christine Lagarde. The euro will get volatile during the event.

  • If the ECB is optimistic, the euro will strengthen;
  • If the ECB is cautious, the euro will weaken.

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Instruments to trade: EUR/USD, EUR/GBP, EUR/JPY



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