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As common sense suggests, a seller is someone, an individual or entity, who promotes or exchanges goods or services for money or any other kind of payment. 

In the Forex market, a seller is the one who handles foreign trade investment possibilities by exchanging one currency for another. Forex seller is usually a commercial business, financial institution or an additional entity as an expense management firms. Brokers and agents working for these entities can be foreign exchange sellers.


Sellers on financial markets are intermediaries between traders and their clients. Sellers work together with market maker traders and are responsible for client relationships. Sellers on financial markets are the ones who really know the clients, their needs, their resources, etc. Specifically, when clients call to purchase or sell financial assets, sellers are responsible for the entire trading relationship with them. They request confirmation of the sale or purchase price from the market maker before confirming the transaction with the client. Sellers may add a small margin to the price that their market makers give them. Sellers are paid by means of their client portfolio and their margins. Sellers also have a part to play in informing and evaluating, as they keep their clients informed of new products and investment strategies that can meet the clients’ needs.

Being a Forex seller is quite exciting, but not devoid of certain risks. As a rule, to perform as a successful seller, one has to be a financially savvy professional and have enough understanding and skills to manage risks that Forex trading entails.


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